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We offer excellent PLASTIC CARD DESIGN SERVICES, Plastic Card South Africa professional designers work closely with you to provide graphic design services which result in card designs that go way beyond the typical. Our designers have years of experience in plastic card artwork and design, give us your concept and we can put together choices you can chose from. Every card order has a FREE 1 hour design time included with the purchase of the cards. That is enough time to process most plastic card orders. Additional hours for professional design time are available to you, should you need them, and at an affordable hourly rate of just R495 per hour. Our design techniques take into account the target market and how the card we design can best accomplish all of your professional and business goals. Our designers will carefully evaluate your targeting, image, brand and message. All of these components are strategically included into the final, effective plastic card that is produced.


We offer a full card embossing service. We can emboss variable data such as names, numbers, expiry dates on various types of plastic cards. The embossing is then tipped using a coloured foil. The most common colours for plastic card embossing are silver and gold. There are two standard types of card embossing: OCR - the larger size (5mm) and is used for embossing numbers only, up to a maximum of 19 characters across. Simplex - 3mm in height and is used for both lettering and numbering to a maximum of 27 characters across. These are the standard fonts used on credit cards. Specific card designs or card applications can be enhanced by embossing as a form of card personalization. Embossed data is colour tipped as standard in a variety of colour choices using the best available, durable and high quality foil.


We offer various card encoding services. Magnetic stripe Encoding is the process of recording electronic information on to a magnetic stripe. Magnetic stripes are a great addition to any plastic cards as it enables data to be encoded and assigned to the card.

This is usually a number which is then linked to a customer to track how the card is used, who by, when and what for. We also offer rfid smart cards encoding services.

Our card equipment division (Card Gadgets) offers a wide range of plastic card devices, from Magnetic card readers to, magnetic card writers and encoders, to Rfid Card Encoders, please click here to visit


We offer full service card personalization services. Our service ranges from the following:
  • Ink-Jetting
  • Thermal Printing
  • Sequential Numbering: Sequential numbers have a range of applications to help promote plastic card security and to reduce the likelihood of forgery. They assist in monitoring use and issue within a range of applications.
  • Application of Variable Data
  • Signature Panel: Signature strips are the perfect solution for personalizing plastic cards, with the individual's details at the point of issue. The issuer can simply hand write the cardholder privileges, access codes and authorized signatures granting their customer instant access, membership and identification to their club or scheme. We hold in stock a wide variety of single, double and triple signature strips
  • Scratch-Off Label
  • Hot-Stamp Scratch-Off
  • Holographic Scratch-Off
  • Encoding Variable Data
  • Magnetic Stripes
  • Variable Data Bar coding
  • Sorting and Mailing
  • Card Assembly
  • Folding and Gluing
  • Direct-mail Packages and Mailings
We are fully equipped to apply bar-codes to our plastic cards. If you require us to match an existing bar-code please supply us with the exact specification or alternatively a sample for us to scan.
  • Slot/Hole


At Plastic card South Africa; we know the importance of data management. You don't have to worry about which card numbers were printed last, when it was printed, etc. Our excellent Card management software affords us the facility at the push of a button to show all card data reports, which makes it easy for your card reorder.
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